Chemo Skincare Kit


  • Calming & Hydrating Face Mask
  • Advanced Softening Socks
  • Advanced Softening Gloves
  • Skintruth Overnight Oil
  • Anti-sick wrist bands
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Malibu Lip Care
  • Headband for Mask

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This kit is full of products to help maintain healthy skin during anti-cancer drug treatment.  All products are natural but you should always consult your medical team before starting new products.

  • Calming & Hydrating Face Mask – to sooth and hydrate
  • Advanced Softening Socks – to keep the skin soft and moisturized
  • Advanced Softening Gloves – to keep the hands hydrated
  • Skintruth Overnight Oil – Face oil for added hydration with essential oils like lavender to add sleep
  • Anti-sick wrist bands – to help elevate nausea
  • Cuticle Oil – to ensure the cuticles say moisturized
  • Malibu Lip Care – Spf 30 is essential during treatment
  • Headband for Mask – headband with buttons for mask so not to irritate behind the ears

During Anti-cancer treatment it is essential to ensure that the skin is kept hydrated as small openings can become infected which will hinder treatment.  With this in mind, this package is a great essential to ensure the best care possible.